A family wants to adopt my baby: what do I do?

If a family is wanting to adopt your baby, the most important thing you can do for your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your baby is to begin working with a pregnancy counselor. A pregnancy counselor works as your direct advocate as you decide what decision is best for you and your baby. She will first ask if adoption is the best choice for you, and help you think through all of your options. Your pregnancy counselor will take your needs and desires into account first. It’s important that you make these decisions first, before you feel the pressure of a potential adoptive family’s desires.

If you are considering an adoption plan for your baby, a pregnancy counselor will first help you determine what your dream is for your baby. Do you desire a family who has children already? Do you desire frequent communication with the adoptive family, or more limited contact? Once your desires are made clearly known, your pregnancy counselor can show you profiles of families who match your desires for you to consider. That way you are guaranteed that all the families shown to you not only match all of your desires, but are thoroughly assessed. These families looking to adopt have passed multiple background checks and have gone through an extensive process to make sure they are stable, prepared, and educated. If you find an adoptive family from these profiles that you feel is the right family for your child, you can match with them!

While families may mean well by approaching you to ask to adopt your baby, there is a great deal of pressure that comes with this request. A pregnancy counselor is there to be your advocate and never pressures you to place your baby for adoption. Families approaching you asking to adopt your baby may put pressure on getting an answer as soon as possible with your response. A pregnancy counselor wants to go at your pace and won’t pressure you to make quick decisions regarding a life-long decision for your baby. Working with a pregnancy counselor is a free service available for you and allows you to walk with someone in your corner throughout your pregnancy.

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