Considering an Adoption Plan for Your Baby?

If you are considering an adoption plan for your baby, then no doubt you desire to work with the best adoption consultants in Alabama or adoption agencies in Alabama. But what makes an organization the best one to work with?

When you are pregnant and considering what to do, you need to be able to think through all of your unplanned pregnancy options. You may have heard someone talk about “giving up my baby for adoption,” but a good agency will make sure you know that choosing adoption is not giving up! You are placing your baby for adoption with a family that you choose (if you wish), who can provide for your child, while you still have an open adoption with them. (Again, how open your adoption is is up to you.)

There are many families looking to adopt a baby, but a quality agency assesses and approves these families personally. Here at Lifeline Children’s Services, we pride ourselves on having separate workers for our adoptive families and expectant mothers. This ensures you have your own representative who advocates for your needs and walks with you through the entire adoption process, even after you place your baby! Your worker also makes sure you have all of the facts you need, access to legal advice, and the time and space you need to make the right decision for you and your baby.

Our pregnancy counselors work one on one with expectant mothers. Whether you just found out you are pregnant and are considering adoption, or need to make a last minute adoption plan, our team will make sure you have all that you need so that you feel confident and comfortable with your choice.

You can reach out to one of our local pregnancy counselors through our 24/7 FREE, HOTLINE by live chat, text, or phone at 1-800-875-5595.  Or you can submit a request  for one of our Pregnancy Counselors to reach out to you.

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