A Merry Christmas at the Village!

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Kesha and the girls at the Village are excited to have everything ready for Christmas and we are loving how beautiful everything is. These sweet expectant mommas are working hard every day to work through the tough decisions that they are faced with which often makes the days long and the emotions overwhelming. The Christmas season, although filled with wonder and joy for some, is crowded with fear and anxiety for others. It’s often the same with unplanned pregnancy. Most pregnancies you hear about are celebrated and announced with joy but there are some pregnancies, usually unplanned, that bring about fear, guilt, shame, and confusion. At Lifeline, we are blessed with the Village Maternity Home. A safe place where women who are facing unplanned pregnancies can be celebrated, loved, nurtured, protected and mentored.

We are thankful that, although Christmastime for the Village residents may come with many ups and downs, they are at a place where they can be in it together. Decorating the tree, hanging stockings, sharing stories and burdens, tears and smiles- together. It is a blessing to know that they are being poured into with truth and love daily.

We are praying for a very Merry Christmas at the Village!


What is Lifeline Village?

The Village is a ministry arm of Lifeline Children’s Services. Women can receive housing and physical care while also receiving resources, professional counseling, and information to assist them in making an informed decision regarding their plan for parenting or adoption.

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