Christmas Survival Tips for Birthparents

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It may be your 1st Christmas or your 20th since placement, but for birthparents, the holiday season can be difficult. You gave the most precious gift you had by entrusting your baby to their adoptive parents, and now you are facing the holidays without your child by your side.

Here are some suggestions for ways to find hope and healing over this next few weeks.

Write a Letter

Writing a letter can help you express what you need to say to your child even if you cannot be with them in person this Christmas. Whether you send the letter or not, this can be a great outlet for your emotions and a good place for you to express your love for your little one.

Hang an ornament

Buy or make an ornament that will remind you to think about and pray for your child every year. This may be something that you talk about with your family, or this can be a special tradition that you keep just for yourself as a way to honor your story and the brave decision that you made.

Call your counselor

At Lifeline, we know that this is often a difficult time of year. If you are struggling to work through your emotions, call a Lifeline counselor today.

Start a Christmas Tradition

Starting a new tradition can be a great source of comfort over the holidays. Choose to slow down and write a list of reasons you are thankful or hang a stocking in your child’s honor. Start a tradition that will help you acknowledge your loss and move forward with your healing.

Read Luke 2

Maybe you have never read the Christmas story out of a Bible, or maybe you do it every year. Either way, I hope that reading the story of Jesus’ birth can be an encouragement to you this Christmas. As you read about Mary’s pregnancy and birth, remember that she lost her son as he died on the cross so that we could have the hope of eternity.

Lifeline is here to support you in the next steps of your own life, whether that means counseling for goal-setting, networking for employment opportunities or connecting you to needed resources. At Lifeline we are here, walking with you, for the entire journey.

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