How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

You may have recently found out you are pregnant, and have all sorts of emotions.  Your mind might be racing about all of the different options.  Then it hits you, how do I tell my parents about my pregnancy?  Our parents can sometimes have our future plans all laid out for us, and if it did not include a baby, this might be hard news to break.   You might be looking for unplanned pregnancy help, and this can include how to tell your parents.

Before going into the conversation, know all of your unplanned pregnancy options.   One of our pregnancy counselors can walk you through each of them, so you can be educated as you talk with your parents.  Practice what you are going to say, and plan on when you will tell them.  You know your parents best and when might be best to have this conversation.

Next, be prepared to listen to them.  They will have thoughts and feelings of their own, so be ready to have a listening ear.  Inform your parents that you received free pregnancy counseling, and are working on a plan for you and your baby. They may not know much about one option for your pregnancy, adoption. They may ask you how you are giving up your baby for adoption, but you can share that, if you choose adoption, you would be making an adoption plan for your baby. Invite them to speak with your pregnancy counselor as they have more questions about adoption specifically (like whether or not it’s an open adoption, how to find families for baby, etc).

Be as open as you can be with them because it is best if everyone is on the same page. If possible, make a decision together.  If your parents do not respond in a way you might like them to, just remember that you are in control and you get to decide what is best for you and your baby.

Our pregnancy counselors would love to talk with you about your pregnancy, your options, and how best to talk with your parents.  You can reach out to one of our local pregnancy counselors through our 24/7 FREE, HOTLINE by live chat, text, or phone at 1-800-875-5595.  Or you can submit a request  for one of our Pregnancy Counselors to reach out to you.

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