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In all of the confusion, fear, and uncertainty in an unplanned pregnancy, we want you to know that you have a choice.

As you think through your adoption plan you may wonder how you will go about choosing a forever family. Although this decision is one of the biggest ones you will ever make, you do not have to feel overwhelmed as you walk through your choices.

We realize that you are concerned for your child’s well-being, safety, and security. We want you to feel confident about these things as you look at families.

At Lifeline we have lots of waiting families who are hoping and praying for the right baby at the right time. However, these are not merely families waiting on a baby, they are families that love the Lord, appreciate you and choose to go through all of the processes and requirements to be a waiting Lifeline family.

All waiting Lifeline families have passed an extensive interviewing and assessment process with a social worker. They have passed background checks, completed a marriage assessment, had a psychosocial evaluation, completed a financial assessment, had a home safety inspection, and passed medical exams all so that Lifeline can say with confidence that each family is more than qualified and prepared to bring a baby into their loving home.

Lifeline also provides education for adopting families about openness in adoption so that they are ready to have a relationship with you and share letters and pictures if you choose them to be the parents. It will be up to you to decide how much openness you want, but our families are ready to get to know you if that is what you desire. Lifeline families have also been equipped to think about how they are going to honor you as their birthmother in their home. We encourage families to celebrate their child’s adoption story as it is such a loving and sacrificial choice.

So, how do you get matched with a Lifeline family?

Well, you tell us what you want! Do you want a family that lives in the city or in the country? Do you want a family that has other children, or a family that cannot have children on their own? Do you want a family that values education or a family that loves to travel? Your counselor will bring you all the family profiles that match what you are looking for. Family profiles are made by the family (like a scrapbook made on sites like Shutterfly). These profiles will give you a glimpse into the family: their life, their marriage, what they like to do for fun, and what your child’s life would look like if you choose them to be the parents of your baby.

After you have chosen a family, you can meet them if you are comfortable doing that. Your counselor will be with you to help you walk through the matching process and to be with you if you choose to meet the family. Free counseling is available to you so call anytime.

To talk with a counselor today about viewing family profiles connect with us: Call or text 24/7 at 1(800)875-5595 or submit a request for a Pregnancy Counselor to reach out to you today:

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