Puppy Love: a birthmom’s guide to healing

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Adoption is beautiful and messy.  I have seen it again and again. A birth mom loves her little one so much that she wants her baby to grow up with a mom and a dad who will love her baby as much as she does. So, in her arms, she holds that tiny bundle wrapped in hospital blankets and she kisses them goodbye.

A birth mom makes the most sacrificial decision anyone can make and leaves the hospital with empty arms. Why? Because of love.

Today, in a post-adoption meeting with one of my birth moms, we talked about that time in the hospital 2 months ago. She smiled through tears as she thought about her daughter. While she is confident in her decision, she still aches to hold her baby in her arms. All I wanted was to see her empty arms filled again and I couldn’t find the words to fill them. I quickly realized that words were not enough for this moment.

The only thing left to do was to take her to a place where unconditional love overflows. So we headed out to a cinder block building filled with funny smells. I watched her eyes light up as we walked towards the animal shelter and I remember feeling thankful for her, for this time, for this moment. Her face instantly filled with joy as two little puppies came running into the room towards us. Her arms were full.

Healing will come, but it takes time.  Today, for this birth mom, that time was filled with the best kind of therapy of all- puppy love.

If you are wondering if there is hope in your situation, we are here to help. At Lifeline we understand the ups and downs that are ahead and we don’t attempt to “talk” them away. We walk along with you, to encourage, to listen, to wait, and to be present. You are not alone.

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