I’m thinking about adoption for my baby. How do I get more information to decide?

If you are reading this you are already on the right path. Please take the time to be informed as you read through this post as we share truthful information about what it looks like to consider making an adoption plan for your baby. We also include steps to consider as you seek unplanned pregnancy help that is truly helpful for you and your child.

So, what does it look like to “consider adoption?” What information does a woman who is pregnant considering adoption need? What are her concerns and fears? What initially drives her to consider this option? The answers to these questions will differ depending on the mother, but our experience shows us that most expectant mothers consider adoption for very specific reasons. Some of the top reasons we have seen as we counsel these women are as follows:

  • the desire for their child to have a father,
  • the desire to finish school before parenting,
  • the desire for their child to have a stable family,
  • fear of raising a child with special needs,
  • surviving rape or abuse,
  • already raising other children as a single mother,
  • religious beliefs and/or family values.

Any expectant mother is able to consider adoption as an option and while each of these women may have different reasons to consider making an adoption plan, they all show the same strength by being willing to make that consideration at all. If an expectant mother says “I am thinking about putting my child up for adoption,” it is showing that she desires to make a plan for her child. At a moment in life when she may feel weaker than ever, she shows courage by considering a life-giving decision for her child despite what that may mean for her future. Because of this, it’s crucial that when a pregnant woman is looking for information about how to give up her baby, she receives correct information about the process of making an adoption plan. This is a sensitive time where she needs to be free of misinformation and/or coercing. At Lifeline, we do not see adoption as giving up but rather making a plan. She should be able to get all of her questions answered without any difficulties. So how does she get started, and who can she trust as she begins this journey? What are the unplanned pregnancy options? If she chooses adoption, how will she find families looking to adopt a baby?

Listed below is a “quick start” guide for any woman who is pregnant and considering adoption, whatever the reason.

  • Find a non-profit agency whose focus is on the Birthmother
  • Call, meet and interview the counselor before making any decisions
  • Ask questions! Ask to speak to a former client that placed, and/or read testimonials
  • Be informed of what families are approved through the agency: are they are well equipped? educated about openness in adoption? encouraged to honor their birth mom?
  • Discuss the advantages of each type of adoption: open adoption, semi-open, and closed

In order to be fully informed, a woman who is pregnant considering adoption will need much more information than what we have shared in this post and we desire to share more as it pertains to her specific needs and situations. While we are an adoption agency, we never have a goal of adoption. We have a goal of serving the expectant mother and addressing her questions and concerns with truthful answers and guidance.

If you are looking for more information on making an adoption plan, talk with one of our pregnancy counselors today. Call or text 1(800)875-5595 24/7 or simply complete this form for a Pregnancy Counselor to reach out to you today:

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