I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant. What Should I Do?

Are you feeling overwhelmed looking for unplanned pregnancy options? Whether you’re six weeks or twenty-six weeks pregnant, you have time to make the decision that is right for you and your baby. You may be trying to figure out if you will parent, have an abortion, or give the baby up for adoption. Talking with a pregnancy counselor who offers free support in helping you think through your options can help you feel empowered to make a decision. A pregnancy counselor will provide truthful information about all of your options in a nonthreatening, comfortable environment. For instance, they will make sure you know that choosing to place your baby for adoption is not giving up! What better way to make a plan for your baby than by making an informed decision? 

You can share your concerns, hopes, and dreams with your pregnancy counselor through whatever way you choose – text message, phone call, or an in-person meeting.  You may be feeling rushed to make a quick decision or even a fast adoption, but remember that it’s your life and it’s your baby, and you get to call the shots.

Take your time, take a deep breath, and let’s talk. You can reach out to one of our local pregnancy counselors through our 24/7 FREE, HOTLINE by live chat, text, or phone at 1-800-875-5595.  Or you can submit a request  for one of our Pregnancy Counselors to reach out to you.

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