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Professional Adoption Services in South Dakota

Choosing to place your baby can be an overwhelming, and sometimes confusing, process. When you work with Lifeline, you are not walking alone. You will be connected with an attorney who is specifically trained in South Dakota adoption law. The attorney can answer any legal questions you may have. But since adoption is so much more than a legal process, you will have your own local pregnancy counselor who will walk through each step of the process with you and is available to you 24/7. All of this is free for you.

Established for YOU

While many adoption agencies were established with the primary purpose of helping the adoptive family, our licensed South Dakota adoption agency was established with the primary purpose of helping women in an unplanned pregnancy. Our South Dakota team is comprised of highly committed professionals who specialize in South Dakota adoptions. Our No. 1 goal is the same as yours — helping find the best option for you and your baby. A successful adoption plan relies on you, the expectant parent, being informed and educated along the way. That is why our adoption plans are led by you.

Creating YOUR adoption plan

At Lifeline, we first want to get to know you, discuss your options, and help you design a personalized adoption plan. You will work with a local South Dakota pregnancy counselor that can connect you with resources to help with living and maternity-related expenses/needs, while providing guidance as you make your personalized plan.

  • Choosing a family for your baby. You can explain what you want in a family. Your counselor will show you all the family profiles that match your requests. Family profiles are made by adoptive families and give you a glimpse into their family: their life, marriage, what they like to do for fun, and what your child’s life would look like as parents of your baby. All waiting Lifeline families have passed an extensive interviewing and assessment process with a social worker. This process includes background checks, home evaluations, marriage and financial assessments, and medical examinations. Lifeline also provides education for adopting families about openness in adoption so that if you desire it, the family you choose is ready to have a relationship with you. It will be up to you to decide how much openness you want, but our families are ready to get to know you. Lifeline families are also equipped to think about how they will honor you as the birth mother in their home.
  • Choosing between an open or closed adoption plan. You design the type of adoption you want: open, semi-open, or closed. Although most South Dakota adoptions are open, the choice is yours. If you choose a closed adoption, we prepare families that you may choose to open it up later. You can choose what is right for you at the moment and have flexibility at a later date.
  • Medical Care. We partner with many South Dakota doctors who understand unplanned pregnancy and adoption. We can help you find a doctor who will be compassionate to your situation.
  • Long-term support. Our commitment to you is for a lifetime, if you desire. We can continue to connect you to resources and support, a community of women who understand, and your child’s adoptive family.

We Are Here for You Anytime!

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