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We’ve Been At It Since 1981.

Lifeline began as a ministry for women who wanted an alternative to abortion or parenting. We seek to equip our partners with resources and tools to talk about adoption.

Free Expert Training

We will provide top quality training for your center at no cost to you.

Immediate Consultations

We will be able to provide immediate consultations and meetings with clients considering adoption at no cost to you.

Fair Advocacy for All Involved

We will ensure that expectant and adoptive parents have separate advocates.

Carefully Vetted Families

We will place children with families who are thoroughly equipped to care for the child and the birth family.

Lifetime Support for Everyone

We will provide lifetime support to birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive families.

Options Counseling

We provide counseling and referrals for women who are unsure between parenting, abortion, and adoption.

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