When We Partner Together, We Can Achieve Much

We introduce you to women needing health and parenting resources. You introduce us to women who are considering adoption. Together, we bring healing, hope, and help to thousands.

We’ve Been At It Since 1981.

Lifeline began as a ministry for women who wanted an alternative to abortion or parenting. We seek to equip our partners with resources and tools to talk about adoption.

Free Expert Training

We will provide top quality training for your center at no cost to you.

Immediate Consultations

We will be able to provide immediate consultations and meetings with clients considering adoption at no cost to you.

Fair Advocacy for All Involved

We will ensure that expectant and adoptive parents have separate advocates.

Carefully Vetted Families

We will place children with families who are thoroughly equipped to care for the child and the birth family.

Lifetime Support for Everyone

We will provide lifetime support to birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive families.

Options Counseling

We provide counseling and referrals for women who are unsure between parenting, abortion, and adoption.

Professional Training Seminars

We Want to Equip Your Team through Free Trainings

As professional social workers and adoption experts, we want your team to be equipped to holistically care for your clients as they consider their options for their pregnancy.

Adoption in the Counseling Room

How do you bring up the option of adoption with a client? Does it often feel awkward or uncomfortable? In this training, you will be equipped with practical tools for how to talk with a client about adoption, parenting, and abortion in a way that is client-centered, engaging, and meeting the client where they are. We will talk through practical applications and give your team some responses for commonly asked questions about adoption.

Becoming a Trauma-Informed-Center

We know adoption is a loving and positive option, but what if a client has a history of trauma? Bringing up her pregnancy options in a way that is trauma-informed, honors her story and is sensitive to her fears, hurts, and needs can lead even the most abortion-minded client into considering life for her baby.

Sharing the Gospel in a Relational Way

Do you struggle with how best to present the gospel to women in such a time of need as an unexpected pregnancy? How can you make the gospel relatable to them? In this training, you will be equipped with practical tools to help you identify your client’s place of brokenness, how to listen to their story, and then organically engage your clients with the gospel.

Cultural Competency at Your Center

Wondering how you can better serve women of different cultural backgrounds at your center? How do cultural differences impact how you counsel them on pregnancy options? In this training, you will be equipped with practical tools for how to help your center be more culturally competent in the care you provide for your clients.

For Hospitals – Adoption and the OB Patient

Have you ever had a patient who is placing their baby for adoption? Our team wants to equip your staff to be able to help women navigate their labor, delivery, and postpartum experience in a way that is trauma-informed and adoption-sensitive.

2024 PRC Webinar Schedule

March 8th, 2024 at 12:00 PM CSTAdoption as an Option March Webinar Registration
April 12th, 2024 at 12:00PM CSTAdoption Referrals GuideApril Webinar Registration
June 21st, 2024 at 12:00PM CSTBirthmother PanelJune Webinar Registration
August 23rd, 2024 at 12:00PM CSTAdoption in the Minority CommunityAugust Webinar Registration
October 18th, 2024 at 12:00PM CSTWorth Explanation: Learn about the Worthy mentorship program.October Webinar Registration
December 6th, 2024 at 12:00PM CSTWorking with Moms with CPS InvolvementDecember Webinar Registration

Become a Lifeline Pregnancy Counseling Partner

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