Pregnant and Struggling with Substance Use?

Are you pregnant using drugs? Don’t panic, you can get through this. You probably weren’t expecting to get pregnant at this point in your life or maybe you’re pregnant and don’t want to be. It can be scary, but the best thing you can do is make a good plan for you and your baby. 

Pregnancy Options 

For pregnancy support, we are here for you. Talking with a pregnancy counselor at Lifeline about your pregnancy options is a great first step. You will not be pressured into any choice, and you will not be judged if you’re pregnant while using drugs. A pregnancy counselor will help you think through what is best for you and your baby. If you already know you want to look for adoption agencies, that is great. If you have no idea what you want to do with your baby yet, that’s okay too. It’s 100% your choice. 

You are worthy, your baby is precious 

It’s easy to think, “No one wants my baby because I’m using drugs.” That is simply not true! You and your baby are both wanted, no matter if you are using drugs. Lifeline has adoptive families open to babies with drug exposure, and it will not scare them away. Your pregnancy counselor will be with you throughout your pregnancy to talk through all of your fears. You might also be thinking, “What if the hospital calls child protective services when my baby is born?” While that is a possibility, your pregnancy counselor will support you through this and help navigate your hospital plan with you. 

Call or Text Us Today 

We are here for you if you’re pregnant using drugs or need pregnancy support! Call our pregnant help line any day at any time to reach a pregnancy counselor to talk with. 

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