What does support post-adoption look like?

post adoption support

Are you considering placing your baby for adoption but feeling overwhelmed, what comes next?

At Lifeline, we recognize the weight of your choices. We are committed to providing you with clarity and unwavering support at every turn. Here, we address some common questions you may have about post adoption support:

Wondering if you’ll still have someone to talk to post-adoption?

Absolutely! Lifeline’s support extends far beyond the end of the process. We’re here for you throughout your pregnancy, during and post adoption. Reach out to us anytime, completely free of charge. Our online community serves as a nurturing space where you can connect with other birth mothers for ongoing encouragement and understanding.

What will it be like in the hospital?

When meeting with a pregnancy counselor to make your hospital plan You can decide what your hospital time looks like. Our pregnancy counselor will work closely with you to create a plan that fully aligns with your wishes, including your desired level of interaction with your baby. At Lifeline, we prioritize your needs and desires, ensuring that your journey through adoption is tailored to your unique circumstances.

Feeling uncertain about support post adoption?

It’s entirely natural to experience a whirlwind of emotions following such a significant decision. From love and grief to wonder and hope, your feelings are valid and deserve acknowledgment. Our Pregnancy counselors stand ready to assist you in navigating this emotional terrain, recognizing that healing is a journey that unfolds at its own pace. Having open conversations about your emotions can help your transition back to everyday life while reinforcing the conviction behind your decision.

Will you see the baby after you leave the hospital?

Absolutely, if that’s what you desire. We’re here to help you find the level of openness you want in your adoption plan. As you create a connection with the adoptive family over time, the relationship may naturally grow, creating a sense of comfort and understanding.

As you think through the idea of making an adoption plan for your child, know that Lifeline’s Pregnancy Counselors address all your questions & walk alongside you on this journey.

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