What Kind of Mom Chooses Adoption?

Although this question isn’t always said out loud, many expectant mothers who are considering adoption think about it.

Many women considering placing their child worry that others will think they are “giving up my baby for adoption“. Usually the people who assume this about these women do not have all of the information that went into making this important decision. Unfortunately, those who don’t have all the information may think that these women are selfish and irresponsible. In fact, a woman who chooses adoption for her baby is not “giving up” or “giving away”. She is making a responsible and loving plan.

There is not a “typical” birth mom! Each woman has her own story and reasons for placing a baby for adoption. While a financial crisis may add to a woman’s certainty about adoption, it is not the only reason she makes an adoption plan for her baby. She may be a teenager who is unable to physically, mentally, or financially care for a baby, a single mom carrying for a child with special needs, a trauma survivor, or a single, successful businesswoman who desires her child to have a mother and a father in the home. There are many reasons for considering adoption, but the one thing they all have in mind is that they want the best for their child.

So what kind of mom gives up her baby? None! But there are women who painstakingly consider the best life ahead for their child, and decide that life is in the loving home of a mother and father of their choice.

Are you considering whether adoption may be best for you and your baby? We have a local pregnancy counselor in your area who is happy to talk with you about what it means to choose an closed or open adoption, how to find families for your baby, etc. But they also want to make sure you have all of your unplanned pregnancy options and that you feel confident and informed about the decision that is right for you.

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