16 and Pregnant

If you’re 16 and pregnant, things may feel overwhelming. This is likely an hard time to be pregnant and making a decision about what to do can seem impossible. What options are truly available to you? Do you really have options if you don’t have resources or support for you and your child? Yes! You may have more options than you think! A trained pregnancy counselor can help you see who could possibly be a support system for you that you may not have thought about. She can also tell you about resources that are new to you, and help you make an informed decision about this pregnancy!

The Abortion Option

One option for your pregnancy is abortion, which may bring up a lot of mixed emotions for you. Is this really an easy option? Does it fix everything? You may be thinking that an abortion does not ever allow you the possibility of meeting your child or making memories with him/her. Unlike abortion alternatives, abortion is truly a final decision made for your baby.

Other Options

I know, you may be thinking, “But what do I do if I’m pregnant, and can’t parent a child?” or even “Is there another option that helps me with what to do with an unwanted pregnancy?” Besides abortion, you have two other pregnancy options for your pregnancy, parenting and choosing parents for your child. If you know parenting isn’t for you at this time, maybe choosing parents for your child is best!

Adoption allows you to choose your child’s parents, and allows you to continue to pursue goals and dreams for your life. Loss and grief of not parenting your baby is still strong and can be tough. But instead of being a final decision for your baby, they go on to have a full life. Meanwhile, you have the chance to make special memories with them as they grow. Regardless of the outcome, this pregnancy is now an important moment in your life that you will never forget. Maybe it will be what inspires you to work toward your goals and dreams. Your child will also grow up working toward their own goals and dreams, too.

You CAN decide!

Maybe you haven’t decided yet if parenting is an option for you or not. A pregnancy counselor is trained to talk with you through all of your options and help you to really assess what you can do and how to make it happen. You do not have to walk through this pregnancy alone!

Lifeline Pregnancy Counselors want to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to make the best plan for you and your baby. If you’re 16 and pregnant, considering adoption, parenting, or abortion, talking with a pregnancy counselor can be helpful! They are here to help you think through your options and preferences, which only you can decide, as well as be a support to you through the entire process.

To begin discussing adoption with a pregnancy counselor today, reach out through our 24/7 FREE, HOTLINE by live chat, text, or phone at 1-800-875-5595.  Or you can submit a request  for one of our Pregnancy Counselors to reach out to you.

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