3 Adoption Myths

You may be wondering, “Should I consider adoption for my baby?”  The short answer is yes! let’s look into some adoption myths. you may be wondering if adoption is the right decision for you. “is adoption right for you?”  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  Either way, you must understand what modern adoption looks like

One way that we want to help you with your decision is to help clear up 3 myths that are made in the world today about women who place their babies for adoption. 

1. Adoption Myth: “She put her baby up for adoption.” 

A birth mother does not put her baby up for adoptionshe makes a loving plan for the long-term care of her child. Making an adoption plan shows that the birth mother has learned that being a parent is more than “keeping” a child. She has considered the financial, emotional, spiritual, physical needs of her child and determined placement is the best option. She didn’t choose this lightly. This is done by the selfless, loving strength of a mother. 

2. Adoption Myth: “She will never see the baby again.” 

In adoption today a woman can choose an open adoption. She gets to think through the level of openness she desires to have with her child. She can receive updates and pictures as well as have scheduled visits. A pregnancy counselor can help you think through what you desire in your relationship with an adoptive family and show you families that are open to your desires.  

3. Adoption Myth: “She is giving up.” 

Far from giving up”birth mothers are making an active, thought out plan for their child. Additionally, it takes planning and courage to choose what is right for your child, even if it is painful for yourself. However, adoption is not the right choice for every woman or baby. But those who choose adoption should be respected.

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