Facing the Pressure to get an Abortion

Every pregnant woman has three options for her pregnancy: parenting, adoption, and abortion. There is no easy choice. You may feel like abortion is your only option, but there are other options. Your other pregnancy choices are parenting or choosing parents to raise your baby.

Pressure from Others to get an Abortion

Everyone around you will have opinions about what they think is best for your life. They may try to pressure you to get an abortion. You may have concerns or fears about what others will think of you if you choose adoption. No matter which of the three options you choose, there will be people who will have negative thoughts and feelings about your decision. However, it is important to remember that you cannot please everyone. While no one can make this decision for you, we want you to know about your options to make the choice that is best for you and your baby. Our pregnancy counselors can help you consider each one and its impact on the rest of your life, and support you as you make the decision.

You Have Options

Abortion is the only option that is permanent because after it happens you do not have more time to process or change your mind. Choosing parents (adoption) allows you to make a detailed plan outlining your desires for a family, expectations around visitation, and more. With parenting or adoption, you can have time to think through how this choice might affect your life years from now. Choosing parents and parenting are two options that you can consider throughout your pregnancy. All of our services are free and confidential. Speaking to a pregnancy counselor does not mean that you have to make an adoption plan. Our pregnancy counselors can assist you in thinking through all of your options.

If you are feeling pressure from those around you to get an abortion, text or call us 24/7 at 1-800-875-5595.

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