Reasons for Choosing Adoption

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Is choosing adoption the best plan for you? Should I give up my baby? Why should I choose adoption instead of parenting? What are my options for unplanned pregnancy? Are there good options other than abortion? These are great questions to ask. You should not take this decision lightly.

Reasons For Choosing Adoption

There are many reasons moms and dads choose adoption for their child. Many times the ability to afford a child is on the list of reasons, but often this is not the only reason. Theymay be in a tough relationship and do not want to bring the child into that relationship. Sometimes, they may not be in a relationship and desire their child to have a mom and a dad. Maybe, they may want a family for their child that can provide emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. They may want to provide a gift to a family who has not been able to have children. They may have many goals for themselves such as finishing school or getting a job.  No matter how many expectant mothers you talk to the answer to why she is choosing adoption will differ, but all are based on love for their child and a desire to achieve more stability in their own life before parenting.

Questions to Ask

There are countless women each day who find themselves in an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy and they begin to ask many questions:  Am I ready to raise a child?  How much does it cost to raise a child?  Will I have support?  Will my child have a loving daddy? Can I reach my goals if I parent? Can I provide emotionally for my child? These are all important questions and only you have the answers.

No matter the expectant mother’s reason for choosing adoption, she is showing a great level of responsibility and love for her child.  Adoption is not a selfish act or an act of irresponsibility, it is a selfless act that is full of love. It is your choice and it’s a brave choice. In fact, at Lifeline we don’t say women “give up” their baby, we say they made a loving plan for their child because the last thing she is doing is “giving up”. A good mother makes a plan for her child. If you want to know more about the adoption option, talk to one of our pregnancy counselors today.

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