You’re Not “Giving Up” When You Choose Adoption

So you may have recently found out that you are pregnant, and this is honestly an unexpected and unwanted challenge at this time in your life. You are pregnant, but thinking about giving up baby for adoption. So, what do you do with an unwanted pregnancy? You know you need to make a decision about this baby soon, and you are considering your pregnancy options. If you look into options other than abortion, you’ll find the option of adoption. Your first reaction may be “I couldn’t imagine giving up baby to someone else”. You aren’t the only woman who has had that as a first thought. 

But is adoption really giving up?   

Not at all! Adoption allows you to make a plan for your baby that allows them to be in a family of your choice. It also allows you to pursue your life goals.  While adoption means you aren’t caring daily for your child, you ARE able to have a loving relationship with your child and the adoptive parents. At Lifeline, all adoptive families desire to have a relationship with you, if you are open to it. This relationship begins when you choose an adoptive family. After the baby is placed with them, you will receive photos and updates regularly. The communication comes through Lifeline and this allows you to be a part of your child’s experiences as they grow and enjoy their life, the life that your selfless choice allowed. 

But how do I find family for my baby? 

This is a good question! You want to make sure any family that you consider is going to love your baby. And also that they are known by the organization you work with and trust. At Lifeline, all of our families go through a thorough process by our staff only, and are educated about adoption, birthmother relationship, how to teach their child about adoption, and more. You can decide what you’d like to see in your child’s future family. Lifeline will show you all the families that meet those preferences. 

Is adoption right for me? 

An adoption plan gives you control in a challenging situation. You will work with your pregnancy counselor, viewing the amazing adoptive families who desire to not just be parents to your baby, but also to honor and respect the role you will always play in his/her life. Adoption is not the right choice for everyone. Your pregnancy counselor can help you think through your options and provide you with support for your decision. Whether you choose adoption or not, it’s important to know that there is nothing about making an adoption plan that is “giving up” baby for adoption. Adoption is a loving, thoughtful, and challenging decision. It allows your child to always know how much you love them and chose what was best for them. 

Where do I begin? 

If you are pregnant and need help, we would love to connect you with your local pregnancy counselor. We want to help you walk through all of these things with you one-on-one, as a support to you. Reach out to us today through any of the options below! 

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